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    Nisen Model UN is an essential brand founded in 2012 by several college Model UN Associations’ presidents. It has been focused on the development of Model UN events in China and the International Model UN conference communication. Since its establishment, Nisen Model UN has done everything as its capacity allows for the development of the Model UN in Chinese universities and colleges. By early 2017, Nisen Model UN has cooperated with more than 130 college associations throughout the country, including most of the provinces and autonomous regions.


    Nisen Model UN processes a senior academic training team (including advisors from world famous universities such as Yale University, Columbia University, Peking University, China Foreign Affairs University as well as Renmin University, and academic elites who focuses on international relations) & mature academic training systems. Every year after its foundation, Nisen Model UN carefully recruits and selects students from universities and colleges, to attend Harvard National Model UN Conference(HNMUN).


    Since 2013, Nisen Model UN began to organize and host China University Model United Nations Development and Cooperation Forum every year, so as to promote the communication among Model UN Associations in China, and to provide a platform for Model UN leaders to exchange experiences and seek for cooperation. Ever since the success of holding five forums, the model of the forum has not only been recognized by the MUN associations all over the country, but also received the appreciation and support from UNDP China, China Daily, United Nations Association of China, China Public Diplomacy Association and so on.

    Since the fifth Development and Cooperation Forum, most of the activities and projects are carried out under the leadership of China Daily · 21 Century. With the guidance of “youth publicity” and “political and ideological leading direction”, Nisen Model UN started to undertake the relevant social responsibilities. To be more specific, Nisen Model UN concretes the “confident in path, theories, system, and culture of Chinese socialism” through the MUN platforms, and gains the knowledge of domestic policy and understands China’s national conditions, then leads the youth ideological orientation by all-round and full comparison with other countries. By means of organizing the young students to participate in the international Model UN conferences, Nisen Model UN promotes the students to become the principal part of foreign propaganda and encourages them to be bolder and more confident. Thus, the students are more likely to integrate into the worldwide youth groups and “Connecting China, Connecting World” on the international stage.


    Nisen MUN insists its brand concept of “tracing back to the origin of MUN, focusing on development of MUN”, the core content of it “innovation, tolerance, quality, cooperation”. Nowadays, MUN activities have been very popular at home and abroad, but unfortunately, the number of really impressive and popular conferences is quite limited. Tracing back to its origin, we find that despite the saturation of the market, overproduction in MUN field and other objective reasons, the academic depth and service standard of the conference has a lot to do with delegates’ judgements towards the conference. Nisen MUN advocates to build more qualified MUN conference, to provide students and delegates with more impressive experience and more professional academic discipline, to keep MUNers informed of international hotspot issues and advanced with the times, to open up an international horizon and to cultivate the ability of macro-thinking, to comprehend the connotations of international relations and to improve the ability of communication and diplomatic skills.

    • Innovation is the original motivation for the continuous development of MUN activities. Only through making new academic design, adding new hotspots, new topics can we maintain the passion and curiosity for MUN.
    • Tolerance is the base for healthy competition in MUN field, in the general background of oversupply, the number of delegates a conference can recruit will directly influence whether the conference will be successful or not. College MUN associations should maintain a mild and tolerant attitude and improve themselves through healthy competitions so that we can reach to healthy development of China college and university MUN activities.
    • Quality is the inner core of MUN activities, in the academic aspect, the topic choosing of MUN has reached a certain width, but it still need to go deeper in depth. The depth of academy depends largely on the ability of the academic team. Conferences with higher academic standard attract more delegates than those without, and are more capable to provide the delegates with more motivation of brain storm and space for thinking collisions. That is also the original ideal at the beginning of MUN activities. In the perspective of conference service, good and unblocked communication and information channels, cozy conference environment, humanism conference settings and service is equally essential. We encourage MUNers to hold more qualified high-standard conference, meanwhile provide them with opportunities to go abroad to see what international excellent MUN conferences look like.    
    • Cooperation is the key to the prosperity of MUN activities. Although the development level of college MUN associations differs from one to another, each of them has their own specialties. It is important that we cooperate with each other and use our different specialties to the full so that we can provide all MUNers with more qualified conferences. So building up platforms and creating opportunities for college and university MUN associations to enhance communication and cooperation is considered to be main jobs of Nisen MUN.

    Nisen Model UN Delegation for International Model United Nations Conference

    As the birth place of Model UN, Harvard keeps its tradition of hosting Model UN conferences annually. It has become a dream of many MUNers to attend HNMUN one day themselves. Nisen Model UN Club devotes its time and energy into providing a larger platform for MUNers in China, so that they can attend more world-class conferences, where where their voices could be heard and their opinions could be shared.


    After nearly a year’s planning and preparing, Nisen Model UN Club organized Nisen Model UN Delegation to attend HNMUN2013, which is also known as the 59th session. At first, it was a 20-person delegation. But every year since then, the delegation size grows, and gains high reputation among college students in China, which leads to present situation. Some top universities in China would like to attend HNMUN as their own delegation, but at the same time they seek cooperation opportunities with Nisen Model UN Club. Recent years, Nisen Model UN Club serves about a hundred Chinses delegates in each year’s HNMUN.


    Besides selecting outstanding students to attend the conference, Nisen Model UN Club also found its way to build a senior academic training team and system. So, those who have not yet gained any knowledge but very passionate about Model UN can also have an opportunity to take interview and been selected into Nisen Model UN Delegation. Training courses help delegates to prepare better, thus better their performance and experience in HNMUN.


    Ten years ago, there were only a few universities in China struggling to motivate the development of Model UN activities. After years of fighting, Model UN associations are all over Chinese colleges and universities, and more than a hundred meetings/conferences are held every year. Recently, with the expanding on its scale, the number of Model UN associations in colleges and universities grows exponentially. Meanwhile, we must face with many new problems such as conference schedule clashes, difficulty in delegates’ recruitment, and conflicts between associations, which makes it very challenging to maintain conferences’ quality. On the other hand, the traditional way of communicating online is no longer adequate among college MUNers, the opportunities of face-to-face communication become crucially important to the development of college and university ModelUN activities.


    Joint effort of all MUNers are needed to ensure a long-term development of Model UN activities nationwide. NISEN Model UN Club hopes to establish a platform to promote the concept of innovative cooperation among college Model UN associations. Development and Cooperation Forum distinguishes from traditional forum in some way, we advocate to discuss Model UN issues in Model UN’s ways. Under the default topics of the forum, delegates from different Model UN associations can pass resolutions, propose problems to be discussed like the way they do in a standard Model UN conference, shall the proposal be seconded, it can possibly become the topic of next session. Finally, the result of the forum will be presented in written form and signed by all the delegates approval for the content of resolution.

    Model United Nations Conference Information Platform

    Since the beginning of 2014, Nisen MUN has begun transporting the Lingyang’s edition of conference information schedule for Mainland and Hongkong-Macau region via MR.Zang Jueyang. This schedule covers over 300 conferences for both college students and high school students, including conferences held by universities and high schools, conferences organized by commercial companies and organizations and independent MUN conferences held by independent MUNers.


    Since March,2016, Nisen MUN will upgrade its conference information platform to offer selective recommendations for conferences we consider worthy for delegates to attend base on our former information platform and conference information released by different college MUN associations. We will screen the information of college conferences with delegate scales over 100, add them to our list of heated conferences and reproduce the notifications on our website.


    Not only can the conference information platform help MUNers from all over China better find out information of different conferences, it can also help them choose conferences which fits them better. Meanwhile, the existence of the platform provides much convenience for conference organizers to coordinate conference schedules and avoids the conflicts of the time-setting of different conferences.


    All the information from the conference information platform comes from accessible information released from college MUN association SMS platform, or information provided by related sources. Shall there be any mistakes and missing information, please feel free to contact us through the message board of conference information platform(info.nisenmun.com),Wechat ,E-mail or telephone. Meanwhile, we welcome more organizers of MUN conferences to keep in close touch with us.

    China Daily · Future Diplomat Elite Training Program

    To build a normalised professionalized MUN training system, in the summer of 2015, Nisen MUN in cooperation with China Daily set up a Future Diplomat Elite Training Program facing high school students from all over China. Our courses are divided into three sections"personal ability training", "Common Senses of International relations" and "language skills" along with parts of China Daily's media courses. China Daily sees the inspiration of MUN activities to the reform of China's education through this camp, admits this new form of education and forms a long-term cooperation with Nisen MUN, and will promote more MUN activities to all over China through its own platforms in the future.


    The elite class of Future Diplomat Elite Training Program aims at motivating students' interest in international development and understanding the structure of the world and cultivating students's international horizon and leadership and building up students's dialectic method of thinking and universal values through the course of innovative study and laying a solid base to be outstanding diplomats in the future. With the lead of mentors, students experience the working methods of diplomats ,open an international horizon,cultivate the ability of speech, improve the potential of study, share the spirit of teamwork through lobbies, negotiations, model state strategy games and so on. Highlighting the beginning of their career as diplomats.


    Under the support from United Nations Department of Public Information (UNDPI), the United Nations Development Programme, China (UNDP, China) held the first UN-MUN in Aug.2014. It is a high-school conference with the aim of inviting more students to learn about United Nations and devote themselves into the career of public relationships. UN-MUN2014 is the very first conference in China which introduced the real rules and procedures of United Nations, and focused its topic on human’s development.


    Nisen Model United Nations Club signed an Institutional Contract with UNDP, China in 2014, and provide conference-support service as conference procurement partner. During the opening ceremony, Mr. Maher Nasser, the acting minister of UNDPI, sent a video address. Mr. William Yotive, officer from UNDPI and founder of UN-MUN, Mr. Patrick Haverman, country director from UNDP, Mr. Howard Zhang, special advisor on strategic cooperation from UNDP,

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    UNDP’s goals in China are closely linked to the government’s. As well as implementing measures to facilitate the achievement of the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we provide support to the government’s domestic development as part of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the focus of which is on reducing inequality, recalibrating the economy for more inclusive, stable growth, reducing the environmental impacts of China’s rapid development, and continuing China’s emergence as a key player on the global stage.

    From print to digital media, from China to the Americas, Europe, Africa and the rest of Asia, the China Daily Group, with 16 print publications, is an authoritative provider of information, analysis, comment and entertainment for global readers with a special focus on China.


    While China Daily has firmly established itself as the leading English-language news organization in China since its founding in 1981, the group also publishes the Hong Kong, US, European, African, Asian and Latin American editions of the flagship brand with a total circulation of 900,000.


    The group’s digital-media arm has eight website clusters and three mobile platforms, which provide a cutting edge for the group’s development. The readership, both in China and the rest of the world, is mainly high-level officials, diplomats, executives and academics.

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