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Before writing this report, I was wondering if I should write it in a form of press release. But everytime I recalled this path to model United Nations, the memories are always full of the companions. So I prefer to tell you what exactly we are doing by this mood essay.

The 2nd China University Model United Nations Development and Cooperation Forum has closed, from the end of the forum till today, I have constantly been adding wechat friends from many delegates attended DCF, and I believe the same to you. The other day, we noticed several dozens of pages left in the venue when sorting out all the materials of this forum, which said "University of International Business and Economics apply to be added to the list of speakers", "Central University of Finance and economics point for personal privilege" and so on. Congcong was hesitating to deal with them, I thought about it for a while and believe that it will be good to retain these. Every piece and every word are recording every bit of this forum which was operated in a Model UN way. To take the chair this time, I always put the “university/college” as “the state” mistakenly when it comes to “Any universities/colleges in favor of this motion please raise up your card”, and always forget to interrupt delegates’ speeches even if the time is exhausted. Indeed, that is MUN, but in some respects, that is not only MUN. There are a lot of things can be organized in a Model UN way, then we will start with “Discuss model UN in a model UN way”.

Many leaders of model United Nations Associations from universities/colleges in Xi'an, Henan, Shandong, Tianjin, Hebei and Beijing began to be familiar with each other in only two days. Recalling this two-day meeting, I have to admit that all the delegates are more than serious and creative. Each topic had been discussed a lot and deeply, the differences and conflicts have also been fully expressed and settled. On the other hand, “the freshmen girl” from Nankai University, “the mystery Chinese language” of the academic director from Peking University, the most popular fellows from University of International Business and Economics, the funny videos from China University of Political Science and Law and Beijing Language and Culture University, something the most memorable was that a group of presidents took turns pouring out bitters and difficults about their MUN associations. Tears and joy are all deeply buried in the bottom of our hearts.

Dragon Hot Spring Hotel, as lucky as its name. This time, we combined model United Nations and holiday together. Someone the most impressive for me is the lovely girl from Tianjin Foreign Studies University, who was in a high mood and invited us to go horse riding by the end of the first day, though I do not sure whether they actually did. In the evening, some delegates were having fun with the "little aquatic animals" in the bamboo SPA, some staff were playing balls in the Sports Hall, and some people were at a BBQ picnic. It is worth emphasizing that nobody can be happier than deputy secretary-general and academic director of PKUMUN, who are from HongKong and Singapore respectively, for they played mahjong with us for a whole night so as to experience the “Chinese quintessence”. We are in the place where happiness gathered. Frankly, We do not understand why some model UN clubs regard "entertainment" as the devil, so that they dare to touch it and will blame others for "not serious" or "poor academic”. It seems to us that a really excellent conference should handle the relationships between meetings and social events properly to achieve the objective which is promoting the delegate experience on the whole. The outcome of this meeting is particularly a lot, but the only visible one is the Joint Communiqué. Although we all know that its substantive content is not much, this is a historic step that means we can reach a consensus on some common basis, which have paved the path to solving other conflicts in the future.

NisenMUN wants to approve that model United Nations can be operated in this innovative way. “Youth gathered, genius eclipsed, vigorous ambition, distinguished ideal”, this is our understanding of the forum we held. I believe that most of you will agree with an sentence that is “Easy to attend, hard to organized, just to cherish the present.” Therefore, we have been looking for a practical way to solve these problems together, and to a certain extent, give some substantial supports to colleges and universities.

People involved are changing at annual forums, and the world of MUN are constantly upgrading, leaving the style, affection and sensation succeeded by us for generations. So, please you to believe, we will encounter with each other sometime in the future

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