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Start here, Stand together —— 3rd Development and Cooperation Forum review

Even if all the past flies hurriedly, we will never regret memorizing every encounter.

To seize every opportunity and challenge ourselves, to move forward laboriously with a clear direction, to maintain calm but free to joy and sorrow.

On the day of Sep. 20th, 2014, we signed our names in the School of International Relations, where we explored new destinations of China and made unprecedented efforts. The delegations to participate in this forum are mainly from the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, as well as diverse model United Nations organizations in Liaoning, Henan, Xinjiang and other districts. We came together again for the same dream. I remember that day when the president of Nankai University MUN association said with slight sadness, "Last Forum I was still a “freshman”, how come now an elder sister-school?". Hearing this, in addition to the joy, I felt that the development and innovation of Forum also provided MUNers with a lot of special memories year after year.

"What is model United Nations?" In discussing the topic of recruiting new members, we seem to have some confusions on this question. Indeed, with our deeper understanding of the model UN and throwing more emotion into it, we are increasingly unable to answer this question easily. Many people can not understand why we poured so much into the model UN, but we gradually widen the road step by step.

It is not smooth to move forward on this road, for we explored the forgotten corners of society, knew too much sufferings in the world, saw through the bloody evils behind the war. However, we also know that there are a lot of places waiting for our cries and struggles. Model United Nations have created a different outlook on life, values and world view for us and given us a greater and broader sense of responsibility, which make us say that we are MUNers proudly. Even if we are still undergraduates, even if our strength is still little, nothing can stop us bring hopes to more people, with responsibilities and prides.

From the first forum on, we have been wanted to provide a platform for the communications between colleges and universities, which is no leadership, no control and totally free, so we always insist on the rules of model United Nations in discussions. At the forum last year, we drafted and announced the first Joint Communiqué. Although it does not contain too much substantive content, that is really an historically important step. In this forum, drafted jointly by delegates from Peking University and Beihang University, after the group discussion and modification, " Joint Communique of the third development and cooperation forum for model United Nations association" eventually won more than 30 signatures. Although the contents of this communique are not too many, it began to refer to a number of practical issues, and the universities/colleges attended had achieved a preliminary consensus on these issues. After a full day of discussion, we still have a lot of unresolved problems that are remain controversial, but because of the existence of these problems, our next forum will have a more clear direction.

We frankly criticize the various problems in development process of model United Nations and debate on countless topics in recent years, but all is due to our deepest love, the so-called "tough love", is probably the case. “Youth gathered and genius eclipsed, vigorous ambition, combined with distinguished ideal”, no matter how far we have traveled, what I will always remember is every fellow in this MUN road. Only wish you around in next forum.


Chairman, Leo Hu

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