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In September 9th, 2015, the 4rh CHINA UNIVERSITY MODEL UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT AND COOPERATION FORUM solemnly opened its ceremony in Beijing Huntai Novel Hotel. This forum had obtained a lot of support from different associations and communities such as UN China system, United Nations Association of China, Education Information Network of Ministry of Education and Chinese Association for Science and Technology. Meanwhile we would give our great thanks to Mr. Howard from UNDP and also Mr. Pan from United Nations Association of China, for their participation and continuous support to the forum.

Since the month of September in 2013, the Development and Cooperation Forum for Model United Nations Associations has gone through for three years. We have made the continuous progress during this three-year-period and four forums, in order to provide an opportunity of exchanging experience and seeking cooperation for the heads of MUN associations across this country. While today, there are near 100 MUNers from almost 50 universities have joined our forum and gathered again. In addition to the local associations in Beijing, other regions such as Tianjin, Hebei, Beijing, Shaanxi, Henan, Northeast China, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hainan, Xinjiang had also sent delegates to participate in the discussion.

The two topics under discussion are: opening up a special MUN road with Chinese own characteristics; promote the inter regional cooperation throughout the country. These two issues focused on the more meaningful exchanges and more practical cooperation from the current choke point of MUN associations development in colleges and universities. Mr. Yang Qianyu, the director of NisenMUN also mentioned that the forum plays an important role as a bridge link, which has the function of making everyone communicate in a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Meanwhile, the forum also helps the associations with going through the transition period steadily and finally turn to a better developing mode.

The Development and Cooperation Forum is young and it is also thriving at the same time. We rejoice in the delegates to discuss MUN by the way of MUN, we similarly look forward to the more tense cooperation between different associations. Every interiorized communication is able to be a new starting point to promote the development. Let us to give our best wish to the forum with a complete success.

In September 20th, 2015, the forum came to the last day of the sessions. When we look back to yesterday’s conference, we could notice that every present delegate has shared their own ideas with each other towards the orientation of MUN development. Among these views, there are some fresh ones appeared to make us impressed, such as ‘simplified cooperation, pure MUN’ from the delegates of Beijing Moral University and also ‘micro simulation’ from the delegates of Xi’an Jiaotong-liverpool University.

From strange to familiar, from a clue to a clear target, the present delegates of the forum gradually came to an common agreement based on the first day’s discussion. The three previous forums has made it possible for the cooperation within one area become more and more splendid, but we are still aware of the decrease of regional cooperation, even there was a voice for the “north-south peace talks" arose in the conference. Therefore, how to promote the inter-regional cooperation has become a serious issue which must be addressed for the college delegates in the last day of the forum.

Under the discussions of general speaking list and moderated caucus, the delegates published opinions and suggestions according to the current situations of their own universities. And during the unmoderated caucus, the delegates were managed to make every detail completed. Finally, after a series of searching, discussing and solving the problems, the chair bureau received a joint communique from Peking University and Beijing International Studies University who played the lead role in the drafting of the Fourth Development and Cooperation Forum for Model United Nations Associations. This joint communique emphasized the importance of building up a resource sharing platform as well as cross regional cooperation and exchange mechanism, strengthen the delegates appointed and training as well as the dais exchange mechanism.

As time went by, the meeting came to the end with the delegates’ blessing and thanks to NisenMUN. From the beginning to the end, we upheld the idea of ‘to walk the way of MUN, to meet a better self’. And we would wish all the delegates involved in this forum to be able to lead their own MUN team, and all my colleagues to create a better future for the MUN career.

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