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In September 24th, 2016, the 5th Development and Cooperation Forum for Model United Nations Associations and the release conference of ‘White Book on the Development of Chinese Model United Nations Associations’ sponsored by NisenMUN, CHINA DAILY·21st Century English Education Media was grandly held in Beijing Zi Yu Hotel. The fellow delegates discussed two issues of ‘the mismatching between slow growth rate of the representative number’ as well as ‘the obvious regional imbalance of the model united nations associations development. And finally they reached plenty of consensus. The Development and Cooperation Forum for Model United Nations Associations (DCF) for colleges and universities, initiated by NisenMUN has gone through fourth years. Compared with the previous conferences, the 5th Development and Cooperation Forum has made great progress in the aspect of the number of representatives and the participation composite of the MUN associations. The improvement can be obviously witnessed by the change of last year's 50 universities that grew to more than 70 colleges and universities from 19 provinces this year with more than 160 delegates, which confirms the influence of the DCF forum is increasing year by year while more and more MUN associations have conveyed their support and recognition to the concept of ‘discuss MUN in MUN’s way’.

With the foundations that the previous forums laid, the release of ‘White Book on the Development of Chinese Model United Nations Associations’ has definitely became the highlight of the current forum. NisenMUN, together with AIMUN from Peking University and CHINA DAILY·21st Century English Education Media has prepared this program for nearly 1 year. During that period, we collected a large number of relevant data carefully on the basis of investigating the situation of MUN associations from hundreds of colleges and universities in China. At the same time, after the communication with several leaders, we analyzed some problems that are faced present and managed to find the deep reasons behind them. The release of White Book is a new step for the college model united nations activities according to NisenMUN’s attitude in the spirit of serving the associations. Meanwhile, the organizers also gathered collection of the various associations for the statement of their own existence problems as well as the prospects for the forum, and complied into the ‘Prospective Report’. The generation of White Book and Prospective Report has made it possible for the delegates to attend the forum with well-prepared state, which could greatly improve the efficiency of the forum discussion.

The vice secretary-general of China Public Diplomacy Association Ms. Huo Ying, the special advisor of UNDP CHINA Mr. Zhang Zhihao, the chief editor of CHINA DAILY·21st Century English Education Media Mr. Zeng Qingkai, the vice director of Institute of International Relations, China Youth University of Political Studies Ms. Zheng Wei took part in the opening ceremony as the distinguished guests. In the speech of Mr. Zeng Qingkai, he conveyed his great admiration and appreciation to the MUNers around China, praising them as the communicator of UN’s spirit. He also gave the sincere wishes to the delegates, encouraging them to keep the enthusiasm while promoting the development of MUN activities. Ms. Huo Ying indicated that China is integrating to the world with a more open and inclusive manner and the MUN activities are facing a great boom at present. As a country’s hope and future, teenagers are supposed to understand the world, comprehend the diplomacy, and make their own efforts and contributions to promote international exchanges and cooperations with using this vast platform.

After the head of NisenMUN, Mr. Yang Qianyu’s speech and declaration for the opening of this forum, two chief editors of the White Book, Mr. Hu Linghui of NisenMUN and the secretary-general Mr. Li Mengran of the 10th AIMUN introduced the White Book and made it officially released.

In the first session started on September, 24th, the delegates from Beijing International Studies University raised up a question indicated that there are more and more delegates who have changed their minds or attitudes, while appealing to the correct propaganda and guidance of the MUN activities. And delegates from Hunan University expressed that the MUN associations cannot make it unbalanced between committee affairs and academic trainings, which means the seniors need to give considerations to both academic and communicative characteristics during the period of introducing the MUN activities to the freshman. Later of this session, the delegates from Tianjin University of Technology put forward a new theory that points out the declination of the conference quality. He also called for reducing the amount of conference while promoting the mode of cooperated-meeting, which sparked a lively discussion between the present delegates. In allusion to the recommendations for academic information resources sharing proposed by the delegates from Xinjiang University, a number of fellows were in favor of this idea but meanwhile they also regarded implementing the protection of intellectual property rights as the most important thing. In the afternoon’s discussion, the delegates conversed with each other freely, talking about the specific cooperation mode. The delegates from Central University of Finance and Economics shared the experience of regional cooperated conference by using the example of Beijing Changping Invitational Model United Nations. And the delegates from Xinjiang University talked about their hope of establishing a MUN information sharing mechanism among colleges and universities in northern-west part of China. Finally, it is widely agreed that the associations between colleges and universities should strive to achieve the complementary advantages, the well-developed region should use an appropriate way to give help to the under-developed areas.

In the second day of the forum, the delegates began to explore ways for the further discuss about specific cooperation approaches. Central University of Finance and Economics thought that we shall not ignore the geographical, professional and complementary factors during the process of promoting the cooperated conference. The delegates from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics also agreed with the opinions that we must fully consider all kinds of realistic limitations and adjust measures to local conditions. As one of the superiors who introduced the MUN activities to China, Northwestern Polytechnical University has the abundant values so that the present delegate shared the unique experience of community team building, as well as in the process of contact with the school officials. As a result, everyone gained a lot. According to the orientation of the discussion, the atmosphere gradually tends to be concentrated while the Joint Communique of the forum also formed by degrees. Some of the delegates hoped that the Joint Communique could be more embodied in the specific cooperation program, and others held the idea that the articles that are too detailed to be refined do not have universal applicability due to the different situations in different colleges. Eventually, through several communication and compromise, the delegates took different ways from the previous forums and adopted some innovative modes of the Joint Communique writing, which could be shown with a five page proposal for colleges in the appendix. The Joint Communique has won the great recognition from the present colleges, and they also reached a consensus on the strengthening of various forms of communication mechanisms and signed in order on this communique. The signing of "Joint Communique" means that the MUN association between colleges and universities will become more and more strong, the scope of cooperation is getting more extensive, and in the future it will tend to be much more perfect, specific and feasible.

The 5th Development and Cooperation Forum for Model United Nations Associations came to a successful end in the afternoon of September, 25th. NisenMUN will continue to work with CHINA DAILY·21st Century English Education Media, in order to make efforts to play a more active role in the development of MUN career in Chinese universities and colleges, trying to serve the Chinese contemporary young people at a more extensive level and provide them with development opportunities and platforms of a better quality.

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