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    Aug. 2012

    Nisen Model UN Club was founded by a few college students who shared same dream and passion about Model UN. At first, the brand is under NISEN SIBO INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION COUNDELING CO LTD, and established long-term strategic cooperation with China Mountain & River Special Tours.

    Sep. 2012

    Nisen Model UN Club formed its early academic team at the service of training delegates who were to attend HNMUN. The main purpose of our training program is to help delegates acquire knowledge of Model UN more efficiently in order to better their performance in HNMUN, and enjoy the whole conference. The majority of academic team members are the MUN participant in Chinese universities, and there are also experts in the field of international relations who serve as consultants.

    Feb. 2013​

    Nisen Model UN Delegation attended the 59th HNMUN.

    Sep. 2013

    Nisen Model UN Club, together with Colorwork.com (relative private social networking platform, established by an entrepreneurial team from Tsinghua University) and world education information network (a network directly under the Ministry of Education: www.wei.moe.edu.cn) held the first Development and Cooperation Forum (DCF). The forum was attended by MUNers from different universities in China, and received wide acclaim and enthusiastic response.

    Feb. 2014

    Nisen Model UN Delegation attended the 60th HNMUN.

    Apr. 2014

    The second DCF was successfully held, which was attended by not only MUNers in Beijing, but also MUNers from Xi'an, Henan, Shandong, Tianjin, Hebei, and many other parts of China. Participants eagerly exchanged their opinions and the forum period was prolonged into two days. Joint Communique of DCF 2014 was drafted and signed by delegates of different schools.

    Aug. 2014

    Nisen Model UN's WeChat Public Platform passed real-name authentication, which allows Nisen Model UN Club share/recommend Model UN conferences and excellent articles regarding Model UN as WE MEDIA.

    WeChat Public Platform: 尼森模联NisenMUN


    Nisen Model UN began to build an online & real-time updated Model United Nations Conference Information Platform​.


    Nisen Model UN signed an Institutional Contract with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and provided conference consulting/supporting for UN-MUN2014 as meeting procurement partner.

    Sep. 2014​

    The third DCF was successfully held and the size of forum continued to grow. In this year's forum, model UN associations of Peking University and Beihang University, drafted Joint Communique of the Third DCF. After a few sessions' discussion and revise, the Joint Communique gained over 30 signatures from different Model UN associations.

    Feb. 2015

    Nisen Model UN Delegation attended the 61st HNMUN.

    Sep. 2015​

    The fourth DCF was successfully held, and received multi-support from UN Systems in China, UN Association of China, the world education information network and Chinese China Association for Science & Technology. Among the above mentioned organizations, we must express special thanks to Mr. Howard from UNDP, and Mr. Hui PAN from UN Association of China, who were able to personally attend the opening ceremony and deliver wonderful speeches for all outstanding young MUNers in DCF. Over 50 top universities from nearly all parts of China attended the forum.

    Nov. 2015​

    Nisen Model UN Club became an independent brand, and now it is under NISEN BOWEN INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION COUNSELING CO LTD.

    Feb. 2016​

    Nisen Model UN Delegation attended the 62nd HNMUN.

    Mar. 2016

    Since March 2016, Nisen MUN will upgrade its conference information platform to offer selective recommendations for conferences we consider worthy for delegates to attend base on our former information platform and conference information released by different college MUN associations. We will screen the information of college conferences with delegate scales over 100, add them to our list of heated conferences and reproduce the notifications on our website.


    Not only can the conference information platform help MUNers from all over China better find out information of different conferences, it can also help them choose conferences which fits them better. Meanwhile, the existence of the platform provides much convenience for conference organizers to coordinate conference schedules and avoids the conflicts of the time-setting of different conferences.

    Sep. 2016

    The 5th Development and Cooperation Forum for Model United Nations Associations and the Release Conference of ‘White Book on the Development of Chinese Model United Nations Associations’ was Successfully held in Beijing Ziyu Hotel. Ms. Ying QU, Deputy Secretary-General of China Association of Public Diplomacy, Mr. Zhihao ZHANG, Special Advisor for Strategic Cooperation of UNDP China, Mr. Qingkai ZENG, Chief Editor of China Daily·21st Century, Ms. Wei ZHENG, Deputy Director of China Youth University for Political Sciences Institute of International Relations and other guests attended the opening ceremony. The forum reached an unprecedented scale, gathering together nearly 200 MUNers from more than 70 universities and colleges Model United Nations Associations.

    Oct. 2016

    The conference information platform of Nisen MUN was upgraded again. Based on the previous conference schedule, the conference information of the national universities and colleges was classified by five parts according to the central, northern, eastern, southern and western regions, so as to facilitate the coordination of meetings among the organizers and avoid phenomenon of conflicts, as well as to help all the delegates to get the pictures of conference better, and choose the best ones for them.

    Jan. 2017

    Nisen Model UN Delegation attended the 43rd YMUN for high school students.

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