• Delegate Reports and Photo playbacks

  • Harvard National Model United Nations 2017

    The picture repeated many times in my mind has finally put itself in front of my eyes. It was not until the end of the Roll call that did I realized the pace of the pilgrimage had already taken place. The whole conference hall was so huge that hundreds of delegates gather in an auditorium. No matter it was a Roll call or a motion, the response was warm and even enthusiastic. There was always a wonderful feeling when I listened attentively to the delegates from various countries. And I noticed that most of us did not strictly adhere to the certain forms of speech, but meanwhile it was clear that the vast majority of the delegates were well-prepared with several reasonable statement and distinct logic. Undoubtedly, there were also delegates who has his or her unique speaking style and their speeches usually won the attention of the whole audience. However, in any case, we were supposed to come up with the features that we can attract other fellow delegates, because everyone was making unremitting efforts for the very thing he loves the most in this conference.

    After the last session of the conference, the closing ceremony began immediately, which was filled with happiness from the beginning to the end. Every time when a committee’s commend list was announced, when a delegate’s name was projected on the screen together with the name of his college, there was always a rush of cheering. When it turned to my committee- SST, the chair declared, “Verbal Commendation: Czech Republic”. The prize flashed so quickly that I even couldn’t had a glance to the screen in a short time. It seemed that I was just activated by the sound of “Czech Republic”, but after the congratulations from my fellows, I finally realized that it turned out to be me. To be honest, a thousand words was nothing more than a grateful embrace for the chair, as it is not easy to get the encouragement in such a great conference. When I came out of the hall and met the delegates of Bangladesh, he gave me hug and expressed his best wishes to me. He said he must come to China once, and I promised, see you in China.

    In the committee of more than 400 delegates, the chairs were likely to take the countries who had not made a speech into account. Therefore, we will be called almost every session as long as we raise our placard. At the conference, delegates from different countries spoke with different accents, but they shared the same confidence. Because of the dual status of representative countries and homeland countries, the identity of the Chinese also played another role at the venue. What touched me the most in the trip to the United States was singing national anthem at the opening ceremony of the Harvard National Model UN. It was a kind of national pride that never appeared before, and it was also moved by tears. Using a colleague’s words: You should be outstanding for your country. In the future, I prefer that the strangers would appreciate my performance even it is not in Model UN; In this trip, we were very lucky to have had each other even we are only a flash in different lives. After saying good-bye to all of you, I wish you a bright future and we are destined to meet again.

    The charming scene I thought I would only had in my dreams has finally came true when I placed myself into the Harvard conference. The committee of UNESCO with probably only 50 delegations is actually a small conference, which directly means more opportunities for speech and faster process for meeting. As I didn’t keep up with the pace at the very beginning, I only got one chance to speak under the main speaker’s list. But what came surprisedly is that I was overwhelmed by a lot of praise from the delegates of developed countries as well as their invitations on behalf of the hope to cooperate. In fact, we, Chinese students only have language barriers but we never feel bad about it. We have our own language and our own feelings, and we just managed to take our thoughts father afield, then we can face all the difficulties calmly and embrace the good eagerly.

  • yale Model United Nations 2017

    It was not long before the chairman announced that the meeting would begin. Delegates who were jubilant chatting at the moment has been well-dressed and listened to the chair carefully. What came the first was the roll call procedure, after which the chair set the agenda and then open the speakers’ list. It suddenly occurred to me that the earlier I spoke, the more could I attract the attention of other delegates. Therefore, I raised my placard. To be honest, I benefited a lot from this conference such as my communicative competence, especially the ability to communicate with others in English has been greatly improved. Meanwhile, thanks to the previous training class, I have made a progress in searching for the information. The road of life can not always be smooth sailing, and we need to build a long sail with the wave forward, thus we may be on the fortress of success one day!

    The best delegate award of our committee was Monaco, and the outstanding delegate award went to Panama. These two countries were actually not the powerful countries with diplomatic strength due to traditional standard, thus no matter whether the country is big or small, the delegate will never be afraid to perform well when he is fully prepared. During the sessions, there were both serious thinking, debating and also the burst of laughter. The delegate of Canada didn’t forget to draw a picture while he was delivering his speech. The childish flowers, loving heart and the lion were all very funny, and the whole room couldn’t help laughing when he painted. In recent days, I had established a profound friendship with all the fellow students and we are still good friends at present. As a student who has studied abroad for years, I hadn’t think that I would burst into tears before leaving. In fact, the last embrace successfully made me feel bad. Thanks to the elaborate organization by Nisen Model UN, providing a platform for me to get acquaintance with so many amazing guys!

    During the four days of YMUN, I have learned a lot while gained many valuable experience. In the conversation with the American students, I felt the importance of the American education in critical thinking skills. In my idea, it is also a kind of ability that the Chinese Students should possess. At the same time, I was deeply impressed by the delegates’ outstanding performance of lobbying and consulting, which made me feel that I was doing a diplomatic negotiation in a real UN conference. This unique experience had not only trained me on communicating and expressing, but also led me to understand the meaning of “language is an art”. How to communicate with delegates, how to resolve the conflicts and how to convince the others all need language skills. Finally, the significance of participating in Model UN is that it raises my courage, enriches my experience and enhances my belief: to become a “world citizen”, then make our country, the whole world to become better even a little bit, through my own efforts.

    After two months of preparation, I took my seat in the formal meeting of YMUN in January 20th, with a mood of both excited and disturbed. For the first session, the process of joining into a bloc was not easy. On the one hand, I didn’t put forward some new ideas on the conference; on the other hand, I could not fully understand the different positions of the delegates due to my weakness of English. Thus, I found it difficult to get countries with the same interests together, and to form a new bloc. In order to avoid the embarrassing moments when the floor came to the unmoderated caucus, I began to communicate with delegates initiatively even that I could not understand all the words they conveyed. With time went by, I gradually realized that I could do a good job, too. In this way, I started to resonate with some of the delegates and we set up a bloc at last. We had bloc members of Canada, South Korea, Turkey and Congo, and we persisted to share ideas as well as look for solutions over the next few days.

  • Harvard National Model United Nations 2016

    After the academic preparation for a whole night, I attended to the second session with an anxious and fearful heart. At the start of the discussion, I focused on how to better strengthen the interregional cooperation, and as a result, I finally put forward the idea of “regional government organizations lead non-government organizations to cooperate together”. Then, from the mentioned point of view, ASEAN and the European Union brought Greenpeace into a big bloc in the second session. However, when the delegate of the USA noticed the conference orientation was beyond the direction of her imagination, she accelerated the pace of the meeting and pulled the issue back to her main thought line. Therefore, there was an unprecedented fear hung over me and I had not keep up with the idea since then. No, I can defeat again.

    At the Harvard conference, the idealism of “boundless land and countless people are related to me” that rooted in the heart of every delegate were rekindled again. Here, I started to pursue the essence of MUN’s spirit under the invariable condition and utility. My knowledge reserve, thinking grade, social skills and the ability of tolerance, style as well as strategic awareness, which should be possessed by a diplomat had all increased when I was having meeting with the world elite together. The disparity is significant, but it is not irreparable. Over the past three days, I have had more confidence and courage to communicate with the fellows around the world and to undertake the glorious mission as a member of “Global Citizen”.

  • Harvard National Model United Nations 2015

    After the HNMUN conference, I deeply felt that whenever it was in the debate session or out the discussion court, the most important thing was “courtesy, reasoning”. Actually, there was a lot of disagreement between two sides of the debate, but we couldn’t convince each other, nor to compromise easily. At this time, the delegates of China stood out and said a word, “Deng Xiaoping once said, black or white, the cat which can catch a mouse is the best”, which directly led the two sides shelve disputed and sought for the common ground while reserving differences. All the delegates have praised their great admiration for this delegate from Europe, and my partner Chen Siyi and I both appreciated her for quoting wisdom of previous Chinese leaders skillfully. Just as Premier Zhou’s diplomatic demeanor, we should also obey the principle of “courtesy, reasoning” in the Model UN conference and make great efforts to be outstanding delegates.

    The biggest charm of the Model United Nations is that we must pay attention only to the interests during the conference. At the opening ceremony, there were a group of delegates from South America who waved their national flag and shouted slogans furiously. May be infected by their enthusiasm, Chinese delegation naturally not to be outdone. A tall boy are dressed in five-star red flag, leading the national anthem and "unity is power." We shouted "We are from China!" over and over again until the audience are quietly looking at us. I have never felt how reliable the motherland is for delegates who are in a foreign country. In this "war", everyone is fighting with a dual identity: one country's outstanding diplomat, and another country's young college students. One is fighting for the interest, the other is fighting for honor.

  • Harvard National Model United Nations 2014

    Because we know that there is a wide gap of the English proficiency between us and the native speakers, thus the speech frequency is secondary while the most important thing is to make every speech has the substance at last. Since the speech can not be exhaustive, it must have a guiding role in the direction, with the highlights to beat the lengthy. At the very beginning, when we were setting the agenda, I put forward the idea of “Trafficking in women reveals the fact that slavery is well alive around our backyards”. The terrible repetition of slavery emphasizes the key issues, and this point of view had won many of the recognitions as well as the intention to cooperate from different delegations.

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