• Academic Team and Course Curriculum

  • Academic Team

    NA Dohun

    Secretary General of Asian International Model United Nations 2018

    Na Dohun, the secretary-general of Asian International Model United Nations (AIMUN) 2018, has participated in 13 MUN conferences both at home and abroad and gained the best delegation award in the 2017 Rome Model United Nations Conference. He has drafted the speech for the coordinator of the United Nations in China and the representative of the UNEP in China. Meanwhile, he is interested in the issues of international organizations as well as international politics.


    Secretary General of Asian International Model United Nations 2017

    He majors in international relations, has had rich experience in organizing model united nations and acting as an academic advisor. Furthermore, he has been invited to several universities and high schools to teach courses about MUN and international relations. In 2016, he won the silver prize in the first composition competition that held by the United Nations Association of China. He is quite good at dealing with the topics concerning about international organizations, international political economics, international disarmament and so forth.


    Secretary General of Asian International Model United Nations 2016

    He has served as an academic guidance for the high school students who attended the Harvard Model United Nations. He has 4-year experience in coordinating matters for AIMUN and once helped WHO and UNFPA office in China with organizing tobacco control micro video contest, consulting competition and the other activities. In addition, he is interested in different kinds of international organizations and Diplomacy.


    Secretary General of Asian International Model United Nations 2015

    She has served as the Director of Harvard Model United Nations China Conference, the Yale-NUS College model ASEAN conference and World Federation of United Nations Associations etc. She is interested in regional organizations and diplomacy. After graduation, she will assume office in Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    Secretary General of BMUN 2014

    She is a postgraduate of the China Foreign Affairs University, majoring in English language and international politics. She served as the President of China Foreign Affairs University MUN Associations in 2013 and the Secretary General of BMUN 2014.


    Former Secretary General of Renmin University of China MUN

    She is the eleventh president of the MUN Association of Renmin University of China, has taken part in MUN activities since 2010. She served as the director in Security Council of the Tenth RUCMUN Conference, and won the best delegate award in the sixth Korea-China-Japan youth forum held in Gyeongju as well as went to the United Kingdom to participate in the thirteenth University of Oxford Model United Nations. Nowadays, she is an intern in the Information Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


    Chief of the Model UN Teaching and Research Group of 21-Century English Newspaper

    He was the conference coordinator of the first official Model United Nations held by the UN in 2014 and he visited Japan with the accompany of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2009. He was the Dais Member of the Fudan University Model United Nations in 2011, the general secretary of the first Kunming MUN Conference. He has also been the academic director or crisis director for a large amount of MUN conferences. He has engaged in MUN activities for a long time thus he is experienced in coordinating and dealing with academic matters.


    Secretary General of China University of Political Science and Law MUN 2014

    She has participated in MUN activities more than eight years, and owns rich experience of acting as one of committee members or dais members for many MUN conferences organized by well-known universities. Besides, several optional lessons related to MUN in middle schools are also taught by her who has lots of practical experience in making arrangements and teaching.


    Former Secretary General of Central South University of Forestry and Technology MUN

    She has participated in MUN conferences for seven years and organized several regional MUN meetings. She has performed as dais member or dais head in regional conferences over 20 times and owns rich experience in holding conferences. In addition, her academic skills are also very outstanding. The training essays written by her has been widely used in different kinds of meetings. Furthermore, she has been invited to participate in overseas seminars, public speaking courses in English and training courses.


    Former Secretary General of Beijing Language and Culture University MUN

    She attended the 4th International Conference on the topic of anti-poverty and children development in 2015, when she was responsible for the reception and interpretation of the Afghan Minister of Education and UNICEF officers. She also has the experience of taking part in the charitable evening ceremony called “love across the lifeline”, which was sponsored by CPAFFC at the Diaoyutai State Guest House and acted as an interpreter for old soldiers in the American Flying Tigers.


    Founder of University of Science & Technology Beijing MUN

    He has joined in MUN conferences since 2008 and establish the USTBMUN in 2011. As the dais member or academic advisor, he has taken charge of Tsinghua University MUN Conferences, CUFEMUN conferences, CUPSLMUN conferences and so forth. He has devoted himself in MUN activities for eight years and is familiar with European Rules, American Rules, crisis linkage and also the cabinet.


    Morgan Stanley HONGKONG Office

    Studying in the Faculty of Government management in Peking University and working in Morgan Stanley HK at present. She has attended in PKUMUN, FUMUN and such meetings since her middle school studying life. In 2014, she was selected to be an intern of the 1st UN-MUN Conference organized by the UNDP. In addition, she once worked as an intern in the Ministry of Finance, the World Bank and Morgan Stanley HK office and will join Morgan Stanley HK office after graduation.


    Honorary Secretary General of China University of Petroleum Beijing MUN

    Joined in CACIS in 2012, who has been the 1st group members and one of the founders of the ChangpingMUN Union. After starting her MUN career in 2011, she has lots of practical experience in behaving as dais in CUPSLMUN conferences, CYUPSMUN conferences and so on. She is active in MUN activities and other fields related to MUN.


    Former Secretary General of Nankai University MUN

    He has joined in PKUMUN, FUMUN and Asian International MUN conferences. And he is invited to be dais of HuiwenMUN, NKU-TJUMUN meetings and so on.


    Former Secretary General of Central University of Finance and Economics MUN

    She is also the one of founders of ChangpingMUN Union, and the main organizer of the Central University of Finance and Economics MUN conferences. Since joining in the MUN activities in 2012, she has developed deep interest in religious issues, the international relations in the Middle East and the Balkans issues.


    Former Secretary General of China University of Petroleum Beijing MUN

    He was the dais member of 2nd ChangpingMUN Assembly, the CUFEMUN Assembly and the academic supervisor for the 3rd ChangpingMUN Assembly. He shows great interest in oriental history and culture and has good knowledge of international trade.


    Secretary General of Central University of Finance and Economics MUN

    Her major is international politics and economy in Central University of Finance and Economics (CUFE). She is the chief representative of the groups from CUFE for HMUN and also is the director of the Jing-jin-ji MUN Assembly. Her research—the development of China’s financial diplomacy affected by One Belt One Road—was assessed as the Beijing municipal projects. In addition, she is one member of the people who compile and interpret the “Chinese Global Political Economy Series”.


    Former Secretary General of China University of Petroleum Beijing MUN

    She has attended to YMUN CHINA Assembly, AIMUN Assembly and so forth after having access to MUN in 2011. The dais member in MPC of 2nd ChangpingMUN Assembly. She has engaged in the different relevant activities of MUN, and has good talent of the operation of mass media. She will attend the Faculty of Communication in HKBU as the postgraduate in 2017.


    Secretary General of China University of Political Science and Law 2016

    The undergraduate students of China University of Political Science and Law, majoring in the science of law. She has performed as the secretary general of the 7th China University of Political Science and Law Conference, and also the dais head of the Central University of Finance and Economics Conference, etc. She once founded the debate association of Yinchuan Yizhong and has her own unique opinions in the field of international law.


    Honorable Chair of Tianjin University of Technology MUN

    Science 2012, he has been joined in MUN activities for five years. He participated in HNMUN2016 AIMUN2015 and other mondial MUN conferences for university students. He has served as dais of the conference for various universities in China, especially in the special committee, historical committee and English committee. And he engaged in MUN activities of management and organization for a long time and with full of experiment on hosting the conference. He has a perfect ideology for the development of MUN associations.

  • Course Curriculum

    Basic Knowledge of Model UN

    Diplomatic English of Model UN

    Formal English Writing of Model UN

    Rules and Procedures of Model UN

    International Diplomatic Thinking Training

    Academic Preparation Approaches of Model UN

    Introduction to Committees of Model UN

    Basic Knowledge in International Relations

    Formal Diplomatic Etiquette Training

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