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  • introduction

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    Yale Model United Nations (abbreviated as YMUN) is sponsored by the International Relations Association of Yale University, which recruits the delegates from all over the world with a history of 44 years. The conference gathers more than 1600 delegates from over 40 countries around the world every year to attend the YMUN in Yale University in New Haven, the United States. YMUN 2018 (the forty-third session of Yale Model United Nations) has set up a total of four committees (General Assembly/Economic and Social Council/Regional Bodies/Specialized Agencies), which consists of 24 branch committees and includes Press Corps.

    • Date: January 18th to 21st, 2018

    • Venue: Yale University’s Campus, New Haven, USA

    YMUN has been dedicated to provide a wide range of opportunities for each delegate. By letting students play the most challenging role of diplomats, YMUN manages to help the students with discovering their potential while igniting their passion by means of using the method of international politics to resolve the thorny multilateral issues. Therefore, the students are considered to promote a lot in the abilities of international diplomatic negotiation, multilateral cooperation, critical thinking and team-work. At the same time, YMUN would help the students establish a sense of responsibility as a global citizen so that they will benefit for the rest of their life.


    As a Model UN participant, most of the students have a dream of going to the birthplace of Model UN-the United States, and attending the Model UN conference of the elite university. There, the delegates are likely to address their views and exchange different ideas with fellows from all over the world. To participate in this conference with 40 years history means that you will attend to an academic event that involves more than 1600 students every year.


    If you are passionate about this exciting YMUN conference, if you are attracted toward this strong academic atmosphere, and if you are ready for this challenging international arena, join us of YMUN 2018 and leave for Yale for your elegant appearance!

  • Yale Model United Nations Conference 2018

    Nisen Model United Nations Delegation

  • features

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    1. Exclusive Model UN Training-Lessons Taught by YMUN China Bureau and Academic Team​

    • As a member of Nisen Model UN delegation, the students are planned to have the exclusive training  provided by bureau and academic team of YMUN China, which includes strategy seminar and conference process lecture.
    • The training would not only help the students to better understand the similarities and differences between domestic and international Mode UN conference, but to some extents, it also benefits the fresh and senior delegates to stand out in the meeting and get the approval of the bureau.

    2. Distinctive Conference Process-Essence of the United States and European Regulations​

    • The conference process combines the strengths of the American and the Hague international model, focusing on the communication and the usage of critical thinking skills.
    • In order to help delegates better comprehend the conference rules, while improve the committee training systems, YMUN will provide online training program as pre-session for delegates.

    3. Additional Awards Appraise-Encouragement of Teamwork and Creativity​

    • In addition to providing the regular awards, YMUN also introduces a new award mechanism;
    • This award does not include the individual awards, but only recognizes groups and individuals who has fully embodied the spirit of collaboration and creativity at conferences.
    • YMUN hopes to re-demonstrate the original intention of the Model UN-to solve the global issues through diplomacy and cooperation.

    4. Elaborate Conference Preparation-A Ten-Month Academic Committee Program​

    • YMUN considers that the factors that determine the level of the conference are not only the neatness and beauty of the conference hall, nor the rapid growth of the delegates scale, but depends on the experience merits and academic rigor.
    • In order to make every effort bring a lively, interesting and informative experience for delegates, YMUN spends nearly ten months of recruitment and training for directors as well as preparation for the conference every year.
    • In the selection process, YMUN interviews and investigates all the candidates who applied for the dais member of the conference to ensure that the final directors are those who are interested in learning and have great enthusiasm of the topics on the committee. Therefore, every director here is conscientious and responsible, and will actively communicate with the delegates.

    5. Yale Campus Visit-Expectation to College and Future Life​

    • Differs from the other conferences, YMUN set its committee in the campus of Yale University, which can enable delegates and advisors to truly feel the unique charm of Yale University.
    • The YMUN official also organized social activities during the conference, providing opportunities for delegates to communicate with more than 200 undergraduates and professors in Yale.
  • achievement

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    Overseas Experience

    • Model United Nations represents the global academic conference with a high degree of recognition. Attending Yale Model UN means more opportunities to have access to the prestigious foreign universities. Ban Ki-moon, Clinton and other international dignitaries had also participated in the Model UN conference during their student days.
    • Every year, there are many applicants who had joined the Model UN conference have received the offer letter from Harvard, Yale and other elite colleges.

    English Immersion

    • Listening—Discuss the international affairs and comprehend the different point of views academically in a purely English environment.
    • Speaking—Express your views in English, and learn to compromise with fellow delegations while seek for help from different countries. 
    • Reading—Studying hundreds of pages of authentic academic materials and documents in English.
    • Writing—Learn to address your position in a professional diplomatic written language.

    Participant Certificate

    • All the delegates would receive an official certificate issued by Yale Model UN Official Committee. 
    • The delegates who performed well in the conference would be rewarded with Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate, Honorable Mentioned and etc. 

    International Views

    • Discuss the global key issues with delegates from around the world and learn the thinking patterns from each other.
    • Develop critical thinking skills in multi-angles, and also the independent thinking skills as well as the social responsibilities.

    International Connections

    • Get acquaintance with a group of students who cherish the same ideals and follow the same path with you, though they are from different countries.
    • Yale Model UN brings the best students from all over the world together, who would be the elite of all walks of life in the future. 

    Soft-Power Promotion

    • Yale Mode UN can improve the individual’s negotiating skills, analytical skills, presentation skills and teamwork skills.
    • Cultivate the quality to become a diplomat in advance: cooperative spirit, comprehensive ability, participation spirit, political thoughts, etc.
  • Program Fee

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    14 Days Trip - 34800 RMB

    Date: January 10th to 23rd, 2018

    Including: Yale Model UN conference, training class, university tour and political landmark visit

    8 Days Trip - 25800 RMB

    Date: January 16th to 23rd, 2018

    Including: Yale Model UN conference, training class, Yale campus tour

    City Tour

    Washington D.C, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York, New Haven, Boston, West Point

    Political Landmark

    Statue of Liberty, United Nations Headquarters, Capitol Hall, White House, Independent Hall

    University Visit

    Harvard University, MIT, Yale University, Princeton University, University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, The United States Military Academy at West Point

    Cultural Experience

    Broadway Operas, Time Square, Metropolitan Museum, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, National Air and Space Museum

  • Dialogue

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    With United Nations Officials

    Visit the United Nations Headquarters and get acquaintance with the working procedure of the UN, which will give you a deeper and more intuitive understanding of international affairs.

    With Students from Elite Universities around the World

    Explore the depth of international hot issues, and listen to the vivid description of their lives. You can find your own life orientation through different perspectives at the same time.

    Yale Model United Nations Conference Opening Lecture

    Yale Model UN would invite a professor or a UN official who has great influences in the international affairs to give a speech in the opening ceremony every year, which benefits the students and facilitates them to better devote theirselves to the discussion in the conferences.

  • Safety

    China National Travel Agency Support

    China M&R Special Tours​

    The travel agency belongs to Beijing Shanshui Hotel of the Ministry of Land and Resources and was founded in 1990. It is approved by the National Tourism Administration, specializing in inbound and outbound tourism, domestic tourism, and international conference with a certain scale of public ownership. It is one of the 18 first-tire central agencies in China.


    Nisen Model UN has always put the safety issues in the first place and also strengthened the cooperation with the first-tire central travel agency for years. It provides travel planning, execution and emergency rescue for Yale Model UN - Nisen Model UN Delegation in the United States.

  • What We Offer

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    Academic Training

    • Registration fee and conference fee;
    • Exclusive training courses provided by the conference bureau and academic team of Yale Model UN China before the conference;
    • Senior advisor team through the whole conference, offering tips/advise when necessary;
    • Generous scholarship program settings.

    Departure Preparation

    • Visa fees (United States Embassy);
    • VIP visa service, arranging visa training and providing one-to-one model interview to ensure that every student can be well-prepared according to their personal situation (In recent years, the visa pass rate of Nisen MUN delegation is 100%);
    • Design and print out delegates’ name cards and provide national flags and badges for delegates to help students with engaging in social events during the conference.

    Overseas Itinerary

    • Round-trip tickets between Beijing to the United States and transportation costs in the United States;
    • Accommodation, meals and tickets for each visit place (except for meals during the YMUN);
    • Arrangements for accommodation in strict accordance with three-star or over three-star hotel standards.

    Travel Safety

    • Professional local tour guide during the entire trip;
    • Safe and comfortable bus service to ensure traffic safety in the United States;
    • Students are prohibited from going out without permission;
    • Travel accident insurance for every delegate and advisor.
  • Scholarship

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    In order to help outstanding MUN participants in China attend international Model UN conferences, and better their cultural communication/exchange, Nisen Model UN sets different scholarships as follows:

    First prize scholarship: RMB 10000 | Quota:1

    1. Attend the YMUN 2018 as part of Nisen Model UN Delegation, and make outstanding performance;
    2. Gained recognition from the YMUN committee, win awards such as Best Delegate, Outstanding Delegate or Honorable Mentioned.

    Second prize scholarship: RMB 3000 | Quota: 2

    1. Won awards of Best Delegate in Model UN conferences before, or served as President/General Secretary in Model UN Association, or served as a member of dais in Model UN conference before. * conference size should be over 100 delegates; 
    2. Attend the YMUN 2018 as part of Nisen Model UN Delegation.

    Third prize scholarship: RMB 1500 | Quota: 3

    1. Won awards of Outstanding Delegate, Best Position Paper, Best Diplomatic Manner, etc. in Model UN conferences before;
    2. Attend the YMUN 2018 as part of Nisen Model UN Delegation.

    Scholarship of Best Attitude: RMB 800 | Quota: 5

    1. Attended academic training courses deliver0ed by Nisen Model UN and reached certain standard;
    2. Attend every session in the YMUN 2018 without being late or absent, and behave well;
    3. The two criteria mentioned above are evaluated by teachers and advisors of Nisen Model UN;
    4. Attend the YMUN 2018 as part of Nisen Model UN Delegation.


    • Each delegate may apply for only one scholarship;
    • Each delegate who applies for any kind of scholarship shall have a good performance both during academic training courses and the conference. All behaviors will be assessed by advisors;
    • Scholarship applications would be assessed after YMUN conference;
    • If anyone has any questions regarding scholarships, please feel free and do not hesitate to contact us via email/phone/WeChat.
  • What You Possess

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    English Abilities

    • Be passionate about learning English, communicate in English fluently, have the courage to express yourself and convince others;
    • Have patience to read hundreds of English documents, have the ability to get access to English websites and information of related issues.

    Model UN Passions

    • Recognize and love the academic atmosphere of the Model UN, and is willing to devote time and energy to grow into excellent delegates;
    • Attend academic training on time, and study all the academic courses carefully then complete the following assignments.
  • Registration Notice

    Yale Model United Nations Conference​

    The way of recruiting delegates is take rolling admission mode and the number of official candidates is limited. Once done, no more chances for new application.

    About Interview

    • Focus: Personal Experience, Individual Influence, Unique Advantages, English Skills, International Affairs, etc;
    • Composition: 20-mins Chinese interview and 10-mins English interview;
    • Form: One-to-one telephone interview is compulsory for every delegate.

    More details about interview shall be illustrated in the appointment emails. After succeeding in enrolling and paying for the enrollment fee, we will send detailed emails about interviews to the students.

    Access Requirements​

    • Showing great interests in Model UN conferences;
    • Mastering knowledge of Model UN or willing to acquire relevant knowledge;
    • Capable of collecting and processing information quickly;
    • Good at communicating and coordinating with others or glad to do so;
    • Possess basic English communication skills.

    About English Abilities

    • Considering the official language in international Model UN conference is English, all the delegates should have good command in English listening and speaking, have the capability of understand background materials, dare to express your own opinions in English and can accurately record the relevant data and information;
    • If you think your English level can meet the above demands, you are quite welcomed to join in the Nisen Model UN delegation. If not, you can make good use of this following year to improve your English ability so that you could attend the HNMUN next year, which will benefit you more. 
  • Questions & Answers

    Harvard National Model United Nations Conference

    Q: If I want to participate the YMUN as a member of Nisen Model UN delegation, should I must be a member of the Model UN Associations of our university? I have never heard about Model UN, nor to attended the Model UN conference, can I also register in the YMUN as a delegate of Nisen Model UN?​

    A: The original intention of Nisen Model UN is to promote the development of domestic Model UN career, and let more students know the relevant activities while have the opportunity to participate in the high level international Model UN conference. And there is a fact that we must admit is that Model UN is still not a relatively wide-spread activity in our country. Therefore, whether the student has the experience is not an important indictor to select candidates. What matters is the students’ enthusiasm for international affairs, the attitude towards Model UN as well as the fluency of their English language skills.

    In order to let the zero-based students have the same wonderful experience and rich conference harvest, the Yale Mode UN official not only provides a special session for the freshmen, but also offers online training courses for all delegate before the regular conferences. Meanwhile, Nisen Model UN has cooperated with Yale Mode UN China, providing a systematic and specific training for students. Nisen Model UN convinces that as long as you have a strong interest in Model UN and are willing to learn the relevant rules as well as knowledges, you can grow from a freshman to an excellent delegate through the training.

    Q: Must the participants be the students of liberal arts or have good grades in English that have the chance to attend the YMUN as a member of Nisen Model UN delegation?​

    A: There is no major and grade restrictions for delegate application, as long as you meet our requirements with a passion of Model UN, a fluency of English speaking and listening. Each year, only about 60% students in Nisen Model UN delegation are the students of liberal arts or possess advanced English skills.

    Meanwhile, many of our academic mentors major in science, engineering and even mathematics, but their understanding of Model UN rules and international affairs are not worse or even better than those who major in international relations. What’s more, their enthusiasm and passionate attitude towards Model UN, as well as their communication and discussion with fellows have made them grow rapidly.

    Q: What is the unique rules of procedures of Yale Model UN? What are the similarities and differences between Yale rules and American rules or Hague rules?​

    A: The rules of procedures of Yale Model UN is formed on the basis of American rules and the advantages of European rules. Although the Yale rules has not selected every point of the Robert’s Rules of Order, while it fully simulates the process of the UN conference, so as to provide a chance for the delegates to better experience the way that the UN works.

    In Yale Model UN conference, there are always two topics for one committee and writing position papers is not compulsory. Initially, a speaker list is opened, followed by delegates voting and debating to set the agenda and choose a topic. For the chosen topic, delegates debate specific aspects and work together to write clauses in response. During formal debate (moderated caucuses), delegates make speeches and respond to questions in order to demonstrate their progress and knowledge to the committee. During unmoderated caucuses, delegates write clauses, debate the topics in smaller groups, and are free to move around to lobby and discuss ideas. Clauses are combined to create working papers, after which chairs help delegates edit and improve material. Upon acceptance as a draft resolution, delegates then debate on resolutions and vote. The main content of the debate at the conference is to discuss resolutions from one point to the next, not to promote the conference process. Likewise, the delegates are required to discuss the second topic in the same process, which helps to divide time into two different issues to ensure that each one would be fully discussed. By the end of the conference, delegates will have improved their writing, public speaking, and debating skills.

    Q: If I cannot join in the Nisen Model UN Delegation for Yale Model UN this year, shall I have a second opportunity to participate in the next year?​​

    A: The YMUN holds once a year, thus Nisen Model UN forms the delegation every year and you can join in us in 2019, too. However, since the annual conference usually takes during the Spring Festival and the start of every semester is totally different in different high schools, so the tour schedule may be different from this year’s trip.

  • Yale Model United Nations Conference 2018

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